Get the most out of your Consulting Interviews

Our commitment is to give you a decisive edge – the “Tipping Edge” over all other candidates. We pride ourselves in providing highly valuable advice and a differentiating training to our candidates. This enabling them to secure positions at the most prestigious consulting firms
Case studies are a critical part of the preparation, but are not everything.
We have developed a proprietary methodology that gets candidates to strategically organize and plan their processes and preparation.

We have coached over 50 students to date, which now evolve in the most respected consulting firms including :

« I was coached by Tipping Edge and was truly amazed by their unique approach. I felt a huge added value in comparison to the mainstream insights you can get from alumni or insiders. It is truly a smart and strategic approach that maximized my chances to dazzle the interviewer. Using their method, I have secured interships at McKinsey and BCG, as well as full time offers from both firms.”
Damien I.

In order to succeed in these highly selective processes,preparation is key.

Make it into Finance

The top 3 Investment Banks only recruit few dozen of analysts each year, chosen out of thousands candidates. In fact, the acceptance rate is only 2% , making Investment Banking one of the most selective industries.
All our lecturers have been summer interns, and are now participating to the recruiting processes in top 3 banks, both in M&A, markets and PE. Moreover, we have also been on the other side of the table, interviewing candidates, and can therefore assist you to make the cut, following our DNA to provide you guidance for a strategic, result-oriented preparation.

Summer internships




Our track record includes 30+ students getting into

« I was coached by Tipping Edge, undoubtedly was an ace move into getting my dream Summer Internship. The founders are hands on and committed to help you in any way they can, bearing in mind one thing : the result. I am now an analyst at Morgan Stanley in IBD, and would strongly recommend working with them! »
Cyril B.
« I just got a summer internship offer in London with CS! I have attended Tipping Edge’s corporate finance workshop 2 months ago and I can only highly recommend it for any candidate looking to land a job in M&A: The training was extremely insightful and straight to the point – a must-do for anyone with interviews coming up. »
Laure S.
« I have prepared my IB Interviews with the Tipping Edge founders, which was an amazing opportunity to get access to the time of Senior Bankers, still connected to the industry reality. »
Ghali B.
« As an engineer, I found the technical training extremely helpful to cover the essentials in 2 days. I never thought I could get up to speed for my interviews as efficiently ! »
Jérôme M.
« More than a training, the Tipping Edge Seminars are an access to a network of finance professionals, to candidates feedbacks from interviews. The experienced founders are personally committed to help you in any way they can ! »
Damien L.
Get there!

Get coached to find your way and realize it

Life does not stop at IB and Consulting. Let us guide you and suggest you other openings.
Who are you, really? What job / industry is suited to your profile and strengths? What are your values? What do you really want in life? Money? Prestige? Well-being? Meaning?
The team of founders has gone through IB, Consulting, Start-ups, Humanitarian work, sports/arts careers, in the 5 continents, and can help you start a self-questioning to go the right direction.
“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.” Pythagoras


About us

Founders and network

Tipping Edge is a venture started by HEC Paris graduates, in London and Paris.
The two founders spent 10 years at BCG, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Rocket Internet. Their achievements include a semi-professional chess career, 7 marathons run, and more than 50 countries visited.
The TE network includes professionals in the following companies :


Our beliefs

We think that IB and Strategy Consulting recruiting processes are extremely complex and that there are specific tools, knowledge, and attitude required to succeed at them.
After sharing these keys with our close friends and relatives for more than 5 years, we want to offer this knowledge to the maximum and empower more students to achieve their dreams.
In a broader perspective, we can help you identify your voice, and help you thrive in your professional project. Experience has shown that this has more chances to happen when your daily work is aligned with your passions and strengths.

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